Karpushin A.A. - scoliosis treatment by child and adults

The principles of surgical treatment of scoliosis, which we follow

  1. Surgery for scoliosis provides for the use of plastic possibilities of the body.
  2. The spine should not be damaged during surgery for scoliosis or another curvature. No part of the spine can be injured or removed on the grounds that it interferes with the spine rectification. Mobilization of the spine, i.e., making it mobile surgically is unacceptable, because it causes an irreparable damage.
  3. Surgical treatment of scoliosis in children should begin at an early age before the beginning of rapid growth, and not after it.
  4. Surgical treatment in adults should be carried out without any damage to the individual elements of the spine, using the plasticity of the body.
  5. The structure must have the mobility and elasticity, securely keep the correction reached during the surgery and continue to straighten the spine in the postoperative period.
  6. The surgery should be safe and easily tolerated by the patient.